srijeda, 16. ožujka 2011.

Had the UDB-a guys of the Republic of Croatia (which is my homeland, and UDB-a or UDBa, pronounced approx. like "ood-baa" was the name for the State security officials and their informers as people at large would call them, like KGB or CIA agents in Russia or U.S. respectively) had the same ample and totally arbitrary and selective control over input on Google as they have on, as they do have on Facebook input of people in Croatia, than I should better never even try starting blogging here...
Ample and totally arbitrary and selective control applied with little or no reason and justification...
But I have some positive experience with Google, so I'll try.
Namely, what UDB-a RH ("RH" is short for Republic of "Hrvatska", Croatia) people kept on doing with my Facebook profile is, they baffled me really badly, for my political views...
Pages wouldn't open, and worse, my posts would be rearranged and even disappear. God, what kind of people are those? Probably the privileged ethnic Serbs or their allies treacherous Croats.
The former, because they still can't forget and forgo the powerful hegemony they exerted in Yugoslavia, which my Nation was shackled in with them for a little less than a century... And which I am fighting tooth and nails against the various shades of. Against the various shades of that Prison of nations that are in political, security and juridical life being resuscitated in different ways, such as by limiting the Croatian nation's living environment to "the Region" (a derivative term to Yugoslavia in most effects but the name) and forcing the brotherhood with Serbs upon normal Croats, as if they consisted 95 % of our neibours... Or more...
The latter, my traitors connationals, because they possible descend from the killers of their own brothers.
Croatia, and
I will try to tell you now about Croatia, and about the most important fact to undestand about my country.
Croatia has been unfortunately on the "wrong" side in World War II. I wrote "wrong" in quotes, not because I support nazism, but because the worst crimes of WW II were performed by the "right" side: Dresden was obliterated and there two hundred thousands worth of refugees were sadistically and satanically slaughtered in an orgy of fire. Hiroshima, isnt't that crime the worst, the most perverse, the most horrible crime anyone has ever done in world history, worse than the Holocaust? Oh, but the Halocaust recently has more victims than ever before, and who cares about the defeated nations, Japanese, Germans, and the likes? Besides, these defeated nations seem to always have sufficient number of their own traitors to disparage nad diminish their own (never mind civilian) victims of war and augment their nations guilt for the war...
So, we fought on the "wrong" side.
Not because we liked nazism (but I have to claim that not all Nazis were demons, brother, there were honourable men there mere serving there country, even though the Nazis, Godless power which they were for the most of them, would't hesitate to nuke the US if they could, only they didn't produce the nuke in time, so they are not less culpuble than the other powers of the WW II).
No, us, the Croats didn't really like nazism. We, the Croats, only wanted our own state, and to be rid of the Serbs that oppressed us in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918-1941)!
And we got that from the Germans when they crushed Yugoslavia in April 1941.
Unfortunately the NDH, Nezavistna Država Hrvatska (the Independent State of Croatia), was one of the very last of the European nations to reliquish Hitler's military command to which it was subordinated... And that of course is a shame.
All this up to here is not yet the important fact to understand that I pointed out that I will be telling you. But you do need the above broader intoduction to understand properly.
The important matter to understand follows.
Due to truly inhumane and demoniacally ferocious ethnic cleansing of a huge number of the Croatian population by the hands of the Tito's Partisans, Tito's Communist new Yugoslav Army at the post WW II period, my Croatian nation was very substantially shrunk, decimated, diminished.
The approximate ratio of the killed and of those who had to flee for their lives was as follows.
The maximum estimate:
One in ten Croats were killed.
One in ten Croats fled for their lives.
The minimum estimate:
One in fifteen Croats were killed.
One in fifteen Croats abandoned Croatian territory fleeing for their lives.
My country was diminished in population by one fifth (one eighth)!
All over Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are mass graves, that are possibly only now going to be marked hopefully with decent and deserved respect.
That above fact of a Nation that is dying on its own turf is the most important fact about my Country.